Genting Casino Cromwell Mint

Genting Casino guests are now enjoying the new Mint experience which is set in a freshly renovated part of the casino. The Mint has been put together with a modern touch and includes a range of games from classic roulette to baccarat. But what sets this attraction apart is that it is an entirely smoke-free zone. There will be no smoking or vaping allowed within the Mint, making it a breath of fresh air for those who are looking to indulge in some casino fun without worrying about the effects on their health. Here’s what you can expect when visiting this part of Genting Casino.

The new Mint at Genting casino

The new Mint at Genting Casino is a fantastic experience for guests of the casino. The attraction features a selection of games such as roulette, baccarat and slot machines, all of which are smoke-free. This means that you can enjoy your games without worry or fear. For those who love to play online, you will also be able to use the Genting Casino app to access the games from your mobile device!

If you're looking for a change from the usual slots and card games then why not try out some roulette? This game has been in existence for over 400 years and has its origins in France. Today, it's still loved by millions of players across the globe who have a lot of fun with the game. And if playing isn't your thing then visit Cromwell's range of luxurious bars where you'll be spoilt for choice with what to drink!

The new Mint at Genting Casino offers something unique and exciting that guests won't want to miss out on.

Smoke-free gaming experience

The new Mint is the perfect place to enjoy a smoke-free gaming experience. With no smoking or vaping allowed, it's perfect for those who are looking to indulge in some casino fun without worrying about the effects on their health.

First of all, you can expect the new Mint to be a breath of fresh air and a departure from conventional casinos. There will be no smoking or vaping allowed within the Mint and guests will enjoy an entirely smoke-free zone.

Secondly, guests will find plenty of games and amenities to keep them entertained. From classic roulette and blackjack to baccarat and live poker, there is something for everyone at the new Mint. And as if that wasn't enough, guests can also enjoy Bingo, Keno and more so they can keep their money in their pocket.

Finally, there is a wide range of drinks available at the new Mint which include wine, beer and mocktails including Bloody Marys and Long Island Iced Tea (LIT). You'll also find that drinks are served with food so you don't have to worry about being hungry while waiting for your game session to start.

There are a variety of games to play at the new Mint, with some being exclusive to this space. Some of the most popular games include blackjack and roulette, which have been implemented with a modern twist to make them more interesting.

The other aspect that makes the new Mint unique is the absence of smoking or vaping. There is no smoking allowed within the premises and there will be designated areas for smokers and vapers outside. Guests can also opt for the non-smoking areas in order to avoid any health risks. You can also enjoy a range of drinks and snacks from the various outlets around the area without worrying about second-hand smoke or Vapour.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Genting Casino has introduced this new attraction as part of their all-new guest experience!

What are the games in the new Mint?

The new Mint has a range of games that guests can enjoy. Among the games available are roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. There is also a new slot machine that comes with an option to play for free credits.

There’s food and drinks too!

The Mint is not just a place to enjoy some casino games, it’s also the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and drink. So, if you’re looking for something healthy and tasty, then head over to the Mint Cafe. It has been designed with simplified British favorites such as pies, fish and chips, and burgers on offer so there will be no need to go elsewhere for your late night grub or after-dinner drinks. This is all available from within the Mint itself which makes life easier for guests who are already gaming trying to make sure that they aren’t missing out on anything else.


Now that you know what to expect from the new Mint, it’s time for you to go and check it out!

Whether you prefer slots, table games, poker, or even the latest video game releases, the new Mint at Genting has something for everyone. So now that you know what the new Mint looks like and what it has to offer, go and check it out!