Las Vegas – Sin City

"Sin City" – this nickname is not just a clever way of describing Las Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is the embodiment of sin and excess. Between the hot desert climate and the city's 24-hour party culture, it's an oasis for those who want to break loose. Located in the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada, this alluring metropolis is surrounded by mountain ranges and dry riverbeds. Home to over 2 million residents, it's also where 40 million people come each year to indulge in its luxurious casinos and entertainment.

Most people know Las Vegas from movies like "The Hangover" or "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." While these films capture some aspects of Sin City, they don't show everything that makes it such an attractive place to visit. Here are some reasons why you should give Sin City a chance!

Las Vegas' History

Las Vegas was established in 1905 near the banks of the Colorado River. It was originally a railroad town, but it wasn't until 1931 when gambling became legal that the city became an international hotspot.

Las Vegas is home to more than 150 casinos, many of which are located on the famous Strip. The MGM Grand, Tropicana and Stratosphere are all located on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard, while Caesar's Palace, Paris and Excalibur are on the south end of the road. In addition to these massive casinos, there are also many hotel resorts and residences in Las Vegas.

The world's largest man-made island is also in Las Vegas! The city has always been known for hosting extravagant pool parties and other festivities. The water park Wet n' Wild opened its doors in 1985 at one of these hotels: Wet n' Wild SplashTown USA. This is no small attraction; it features a half-mile "river," rapids ride, three full-sized tube slides and an activity pool with a giant geyser shooting water up to 85 feet into the air!

The Party Scene

Las Vegas is a 24-hour party town. It's the ultimate destination for those who want to live life on the edge, and you can find anything you're looking for here. Dance clubs line the Strip and downtown Fremont Street, with DJs spinning until the early hours of the morning. There are more than 125 nightclubs and bars to choose from, so it won't be hard to find somewhere to have fun.

Sin City is also home to some of the most popular festivals in America; October's Life is Beautiful Festival celebrates all things music, art, and food. If you're looking for a wild time, or if you just want a break from reality, Las Vegas has what you need!

The Entertainment

Las Vegas has a long and storied history of entertainment. From the glamorous Rat Pack to today's pop-stars, the city is home to an endless array of options. The city is also home to some of the most lavish resorts in the world, with many on-the-strip hotels boasting an astonishing list of amenities. Here are just a few examples:

The Mirage boasts dolphin shows, Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, and "Bizarre" - one of the most amazing magic shows on earth.

The Bellagio features an eight-story botanical garden with 1 million flowers from around the world, water show that features 2,000 nozzles and 1.5 million gallons per minute, and a Cirque du Soleil production that runs for 12 minutes every hour.

The resort at Mandalay Bay offers Shark Reef Aquarium — one of the best aquariums in Vegas featuring over 100 species from around the world — along with a white tiger exhibit (one of just three zoos in America that have white tigers) and House Of Blues Concert Hall (a popular music venue).

Each year, Las Vegas entertains more than 40 million people looking for a wild night out on the town or some rest and relaxation. If you're one of them, Sin City has something for everyone!

What's a Typical Day Like in Sin City?

Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, nightlife, and its "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" attitude. With so many exciting things to do, it can be hard to figure out what you want to do first.

One thing you have to see is the Bellagio Fountains on the strip. At 3 pm every day they put on a 15 minute show with music and lights. It's a must-see attraction in Las Vegas!

While gambling is one of the most popular attractions, there are other things you can do as well. You can go bowling at the Cosmopolitan or visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for a chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite celebrities and historical figures.

If you're not a big gambler and prefer to spend your time outdoors, there are plenty of other options for fun like hiking Red Rock Canyon or taking a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Strip from the air!


Sin City is a city that never sleeps. With all of the different things to do, you'll never want to go to bed.

Las Vegas is a great place for tourists because it's one of the most visited cities in the world. People come from all over the world to spend their time playing games, drinking and gambling. If you're looking for a place to visit, you can't go wrong with Sin City.