Monte Carlo – The Riviera

Monte Carlo has been on the map for a long time and is known for its casino and high stakes games of roulette and blackjack. The city touts itself as the world's most prestigious gambling destination. It is not just a city where visitors can gamble but also a luxurious place to stay, shop and enjoy the world’s best wines

The moment you step outside from your flight, you will be hit with a balmy climate, beautiful beaches, palm trees lining the streets, steep mountain ranges in the background and an alluring marketplace culture. If you want to find out how Monte Carlo has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, keep reading our article!

The Monte Carlo casino is one of the most famous casinos in the world. In fact, it is so famous that it appears in many films and TV series as well. The roulette tables are where you will find high rollers competing for big money. Some visitors spend their entire time here betting on games like roulette, blackjack and poker. However, Monte Carlo has so much more to offer than just gambling!

If you need any more convincing about why Monte Carlo should be your next destination for a holiday, here are six reasons why you should visit:

1) It has an interesting historical past - Monte Carlo was founded in 1856 by Prince Charles III of Monaco and was originally a colony of France.

2) It's an upscale location - One thing that distinguishes Monte Carlo from other destinations is its high-class status. If shopping is your thing, you will love this city because there are plenty of luxury stores on offer including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes to name a few.

3) There are many things to see - You don't have to go far in this city before seeing another magnificent view or incredible site to stop at with your camera at the ready!

4) Great food options - If you're visiting during the summer months, don't forget that one of the best ways to enjoy this destination is by sitting outside enjoying some scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine!

5) Unique shopping opportunities - From designer goods to art galleries.

Top attractions of Monte Carlo

1.The Casino

The casino is the number one attraction in Monte Carlo. The casino is a palace of luxury and glamour, composed of two floors. It houses the world's largest roulette wheel, with 38 tables and 400 slot machines. Don't worry about losing your shirt because all gambling games are rigged so you always stand a fair chance of winning - even if you don't know what you're doing!

2.Casino de Monte-Carlo

If you want to see Monaco's most well known landmark, head over to the casino de Monte-Carlo for an evening filled with blackjack, roulette and craps games from around the world. The building was originally built in 1878 as a grand hotel but has since been transformed into a gaming palace.

3.Hotel Metropole

Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, Hotel Metropole is considered one of the best hotels in Europe—and it doesn't come cheap! The luxurious establishment is famous for its opulent style and impeccable service which guests have enjoyed since 1912 when it first opened its doors. Though it might not be budget friendly, this hotel offers some great perks for those willing to pay: round-the-clock butler service, spa treatments and private beach access are just some of them!

4.Marina Square

Located opposite from Hotel Metropole on Port Hercule, Marina Square is also an icon that can't be missed while visiting this beautiful city

Shopping in Monte Carlo

One of the best things to do while in Monte Carlo is shopping. The city has high-end stores lining every street. It’s easy to find a variety of luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. Not only will you find these brands in the stores, but you can also find them on the streets being sold by vendors.

If you have some extra time, a visit to Monaco's historic market is worth it. This is where locals go to buy their food and goods. You'll be surrounded by spices, fruits, meats and seafood from all over the world with stalls displaying everything from fresh produce to clothing.

Where to stay?

We recommend staying in one of the many luxurious hotels that Monte Carlo has to offer. There are lots of hotels near the city center, casino and beaches. One popular hotel is Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo which offers 5* luxury and exceptional services. The hotel is located just a few minutes from the Casino de Monte-Carlo, where you could enjoy your breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel offers a range of suites and rooms that are chic yet modern with all amenities you need for a comfortable stay.


The ultimate destination for anyone looking for sun, sea, sand, and glamour, Monte Carlo is the playground to the rich and famous. It's a place where the world's elite gather to play, and if you're lucky, you might just meet one of them.

Monte Carlo is a destination rich in culture and natural beauty. It's also a destination that is constantly evolving, so make sure you don't miss any of these highlights.